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Fix 1Focus Closing Randomly

If 1Focus suddenly quits (closes, stops working), it either crashed or was quit by macOS or another app.

How to Fix 1Focus Closing Randomly

Steps (3 minutes):

  1. Check if 1Focus crashed. If so, please send us the crash reports.
  2. Make sure you have enough free disk space available (aim for at least 20 GB). Otherwise, macOS might quit apps, especially those that run in the background, like 1Focus. You can free up space or expand it with an external SSD or Transcend JetDrive.
  3. Could it be that another person quit 1Focus? If you are using 1Focus for parenting purposes, we recommend using the similar Parental Control instead because it lets you set a password to protect its settings. Or see the guide on how to prevent bypassing 1Focus.

For help, contact support.