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Frequently Asked Questions

How to cancel blocking?

If you have not blocked Activity Monitor under Apps in 1Focus, you can use it to force quit 1Focus: Applications → Utilities → Activity Monitor → Select 1Focus → X button → Force Quit

If you scheduled recurring events in 1Focus Pro, go to Schedule and delete each event when it becomes inactive. Events always have at least a 1 minute inactive gap so you can cancel blocking completely within 24 hours.

Most users want blocking to be difficult to circumvent. When you first start blocking, 1Focus requires you to confirm that you cannot cancel active blocks.

For help, email us. We will help you cancel blocking.

Why is website blocking not working?


How to fix “1Focus is damaged and can’t be opened.”?


Why don’t I have full access after subscribing to 1Focus Pro?


Could you support Firefox?

See Supported Web Browsers.

Could you support the iPhone and iPad?

We plan to support the iPhone and iPad once Apple makes it possible to create a blocker that is difficult to circumvent.

Until then, we recommend to set your iPhone/iPad to Do Not Disturb and keep it out of sight and easy reach (e.g. in another room).

Could you add a password function?

1Focus is designed for personal productivity and prevents you from canceling blocking without a password function. Simply confirm by closing the 1Focus window to prevent canceling active blocks.

If you need a password function for parenting purposes, check out Parental Control. It is derived from 1Focus and features password protection.

If your use case is personal productivity and you would like to see a password function in 1Focus in the future, please email us.

How to unsubscribe from 1Focus Pro?


How to use 1Focus in scripts (AppleScript)?


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