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Maria Rosaria Valenti

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Maria Rosaria Valenti
Image with permission from Maria Rosaria Valenti

Maria Rosaria “Meri” Valenti is an engineer and artist, and one of the experts featured in our Ask the Expert series on the 1Focus Blog.

Meri specializes in a unique mixed technique of acrylic on wood and stone, creating textured and three-dimensional paintings, also known as colored bas-reliefs. Her work is characterized by its vivid use of color and emotional depth, drawing inspiration from everyday life, nature, family, and her travels.

In our interview, Meri shares her creative process and the strategies she uses to stay focused and balance family and work. She finds flow by immersing herself in her art, which she describes as a refuge and a dream. She finds motivation in the joy her art brings to others and the personal satisfaction of creating.

Meri also brings ideas presented to her to life; below, you can see the 1Focus Icon painting she created.

1Focus icon. Painting by Maria Rosaria Valenti
Image with permission from Niklas Behrens

Meri combines her passions for engineering and art to create work that is truly captivating.




You can get in touch with Meri through her email and social media accounts: