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Dr. César Alejandro Urbina-Blanco

Dr. Urbina-Blanco is a renowned chemist. He works from home and shares his insights on how to stay focused in a remote work environment.

Image with permission from Dr. César A. Urbina-Blanco

Dr. Lučka Bibič

Dr. Lučka Bibič is a pharmacist, radio producer, writer, runner and TEDx speaker. She gives tips on work-life balance.

Image with permission from Dr. Lučka Bibič

Dr. Veneta Slavchova

Dr. Veneta Slavchova is a health and rehabilitation psychologist. Learn how to prevent burnout and develop resilience.

Image with permission from Dr. Veneta Slavchova

Enno Kleinehanding

Enno Kleinehanding is a professional dancer. His tips are about discipline, focus and concentration.

Image with permission from Enno Kleinehanding

Katrin Reiter

Katrin Reiter is an event manager and dancer. She shares her tips on productivity, time management, and work-life balance.

Image with permission from Niklas Behrens

Kevin Harscheidt

Kevin Harscheidt is a sports and health trainer. He talks about the benefits of exercise, nutrition, and discipline.

Image with permission from Kevin Harscheidt

Kevin Izevbigie

Kevin Izevbigie is a software engineer. He believes that obsession with one's mission is the ultimate fuel for success.

Image with permission from Kevin Izevbigie

Maria Rosaria Valenti

Meri Valenti is an engineer and artist. She finds beauty and inspiration in everyday life and turns her passion into action.

Image with permission from Maria Rosaria Valenti

Marius Nguedia

Marius Nguedia is a biomedical engineer and fitness coach. Gain insights on fitness, discipline, and effective time management.

Image with permission from Marius Nguedia

Susana López

Susana López is a gymnast and emotional coach. Learn about self-love, mental peace and overall harmony.

Image with permission from Susana López