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How to Subscribe to 1Focus Pro

1Focus offers basic app and website blocking for free, forever. 1Focus Pro is an optional subscription that gives you access to extra features. It is free for 14 days and $9.99/year after1. Wondering why a subscription model?

How to subscribe to 1Focus Pro (1 minute):

  1. If you do not have it yet, download 1Focus on the Mac App Store.
  2. Open 1Focus. You can reopen the 1Focus window by clicking its arrow icon in the top right of your screen. 1Focus menu bar item
  3. Click the unlock icon in the top right. Unlock icon in 1Focus
  4. Click $9.99/year and wait a moment. 1Focus Pro Features and Price
  5. Sign in using your Apple ID if prompted. Sign in with your Apple ID
  6. Click Continue. Subscription terms
  7. Click OK. Confirm subscription

Done! You should now have access to the 1Focus Pro features.


If you were able to subscribe but do not have full access, see how to fix your subscription.

If subscribing did not work, please contact us.

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