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IMarius Nguedia
Image with permission from Marius Nguedia

Marius Nguedia is a biomedical engineer and fitness trainer, and one of the experts featured in our Ask the Expert series on the 1Focus Blog.

Marius believes in the power of prioritization and planning to balance work, family, and personal goals. He highlights the importance of not trying to do everything but instead focusing on what is most important at any given time. His approach to maintaining food discipline in social situations includes prioritizing protein-rich foods, drinking water before meals, and managing portion sizes without relying solely on willpower.

In our interview, Marius explains how he uses Parkinson’s Law to manage his time effectively by allocating specific amounts of time for each task. He encourages setting clear goals in life, incorporating exercise into daily routines, managing time efficiently, and finding a balance between work and self-care. He emphasizes the importance of long-term thinking, especially in terms of diet and exercise, to achieve sustainable health and wellness goals.




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