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Add a Website Exception

You can make exceptions when you block a website or block a website category. An exception can be a specific page, a section, or even a keyword.

Steps (2 minutes):

  1. Subscribe to 1Focus Pro.
  2. Open 1Focus. You can reopen the 1Focus window by clicking its arrow icon in the top right of your screen. 1Focus menu bar item
  3. Click the + button under WebsitesExceptions. Add website exception
  4. Enter the exception and confirm with the Enter key (⏎).


If the + button is grayed out, subscribe to 1Focus Pro. Also, wait for blocking to become inactive because you cannot add an exception while blocking is active.

Some links redirect to another address. You want to use the final address. For example, do not add a link from the Google search results as an exception because that’s just an intermediary link. Instead, follow the link and copy the final address from the address bar.

If it still does not work, please contact us.

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