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Website Allowlist

With 1Focus Pro, you can create your allowlist by blocking all websites except specific ones. It’s a much stricter alternative to blocking specific websites. You can combine this with task presets to focus on one task at a time.

Steps (2 minutes):

  1. Subscribe to 1Focus Pro.
  2. Open 1Focus. You can reopen the 1Focus window by clicking its arrow icon in the top right of your screen. 1Focus menu bar item
  3. Enable WebsitesBlocked CategoriesAll Websites. Enable checkmark
  4. Add any websites you need as website exceptions.
  5. Start blocking. For initial testing, use a short blocking duration because it often takes a while to fine-tune the website exceptions.

Tip: In case of an emergency, you can pause blocking for a limited time. You can also schedule multiple presets for different purposes (e.g. bedtime, work, study).


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